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Friday, June 20, 2008


For all the artists and art fans out there ... Allow me to introduce some of my Uncle Jack Beal's works to you.

These next (4) murals hang in The Department of Labor in Washington D.C.
I have only had the pleasure of viewing them once while vacationing there. It is quite magnificent to see. The paintings are HUGE.

Jack Beal mural, 18th Century.

Beal Murals, 17th Century.

Jack Beal mural, 17th Century.

Beal Murals, 18th Century.

Jack Beal mural, 19th Century.

Beal Murals, 19th Century.

Jack Beal mural, 20th Century.

Beal Murals, 20th Century. (That is my Aunt Sandy, Uncle Jack's wife, in the yellow hard hat.)

These next two are paintings were turned into mosaics and can be seen in the Times Square Subway Station on 42nd street.



The Return of Spring (above) / The Onset of Winter (below),
Two 7'x20' glass mosaic murals at the 41st St. IRT mezzanine,
New York City, 1999 and 2003, respectively.

The pair of mosaics "The Return of Spring" and "The Onset of Winter" depict various New York City street scenes and were paintings translated to mosaics by Artistic Mosaics Travisanutto of Italy. They were first unveiled to the public at the Gallery of Modern Art in Udine, Italy, in 1999 and 2003 respectively. "The Return of Spring" depicts construction workers and other city dwellers in front of a rendering of an original IRT subway kiosk. The scene depicted in "The Onset of Winter" is a crowd (some with faces of the artist's friends) watching a film crew record a scene of a woman entering the subway, as the first snowflakes of winter come down on the background New York skyline.

(Source: udine.it)

You can view the installed mosaics in person at the Times Square/42nd Street IRT Subway station.

If my childhood memory serves me well, our family spent a week or two during summer vacation at my Aunt and Uncles farm in upstate New York and my Grandma would pose for this work. She is "Charity" (on the right) in the painting and she actually owned and wore that shirt with the hands on it.


Hope, Faith, Charity
Oil on canvas, 72 in. by 72 in., 1977-78.
G.U.C. Collection

My Uncle Jack is married to my Aunt Sandy. She is a wonderful artist too with many beautiful water color prints. They have been married for over 50 years. A couple of years back our family all met at their farm to celebrate their anniversary. It was a big, huge bash. So much fun!

sondra_freckelton01.jpg sondra_freckelton02.jpg sondra_freckelton03.jpg sondra_freckelton04.jpg sondra_freckelton05.jpg
sondra_freckelton06.jpg sondra_freckelton07.jpg sondra_freckelton08.jpg sondra_freckelton09.jpg sondra_freckelton10.jpg
sondra_freckelton11.jpg sondra_freckelton12.jpg sondra_freckelton13.jpg sondra_freckelton14.jpg sondra_freckelton15.jpg
sondra_freckelton16.jpg sondra_freckelton17.jpg sondra_freckelton18.jpg sondra_freckelton19.jpg sondra_freckelton20.jpg
sondra_freckelton21.jpg sondra_freckelton22.jpg sondra_freckelton23.jpg sondra_freckelton24.jpg sondra_freckelton25.jpg
sondra_freckelton26.jpg sondra_freckelton27.jpg sondra_freckelton28.jpg sondra_freckelton29.jpg sondra_freckelton30.jpg
sondra_freckelton31.jpg sondra_freckelton32.jpg sondra_freckelton33.jpg sondra_freckelton34.jpg sondra_freckelton35.jpg
sondra_freckelton36.jpg sondra_freckelton37.jpg sondra_freckelton38.jpg sondra_freckelton39.jpg sondra_freckelton40.jpg
sondra_freckelton41.jpg sondra_freckelton42.jpg sondra_freckelton43.jpg sondra_freckelton44.jpg sondra_freckelton45.jpg

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