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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My RED Kitchen

Years ago, I found the cutest lil' creamer in a thrift store. It was covered in tiny strawberries with lime green dots. Upon turning the piece over, I found the name of the pattern printed on the bottom to be called "Strawberry Swiss Dot".

And with that lil' ole' find, two obsessions were born...

Ebay and a ridiculously RED kitchen.

After the acquisition of the strawberry creamer, I diligently searched and found, piece by piece, the rest of the entire Strawberry Swiss Dot set. I have four dessert plates, four coffee mugs, the cake plate, the sugar bowl, and the teapot.

I added lots of strawberry items to my kitchen.

Upon noting my love of all things strawberry, my Mom gave me a beautiful set of embroidered strawberry place mats with matching napkins.

When I couldn't find anymore strawberry items, I focused in on cherry items.

My Mom painted this picnic basket with cherries and ladybugs. She also added the sweet cherries fabric liner. I love it!

I started collecting vintage cake carriers, tablecloths, aprons, colanders, trays, ice buckets, granite ware / enamelware, thermo serve items, and condiment holders.

This beautiful tablecloth was my grandmothers. My Mom tells me that grandma used to put it out on the fold away card table every time her friends would come over to play pinochle.

I then took a liking to anything that was red gingham.

And things that had to do with old time diner images, like burgers, popcorn & hot dogs.

I started looking for nifty things that had to do with Elvis and Vegas... as long as they had some red in them.

The buffet hutch drawers are full of wonderful textiles.

I honestly do not have room for another thing, but you know if I find something special... I'll make it "fit" somewhere.


Heather said...

Wow! I have no decor in my kitchen at all. I pretty much can't decide what I want to do, so I have left it basically the way it was when we moved in. I really like the old americana stuff, I don't even know what they call it, primitive maybe? I am planning to replace the cabinets and floor too, but not for another year or two, and I guess that's why I've hesitated to buy paint and curtains and stuff. I love that strawberry wreath!

I am the MOM said...

Thanks Heather! I like Americana primitive too. That is a great look. We kinda have a version of that going on in our living room and it came out nice. Once you get the cabinets and floor done, it will be wonderful to start in on your decor.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love Ebay! I love your colanders...actually, I love almost everything you've collected. How fun! Now you have me in the mood to do some shopping of my own.

Anonymous said...

where did you get all the cherry stuff. My kitchen done in cherries but i can't find a whole lot of cherry stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen! I have been checking your blog daily to see when you come back. Hope to see you writing again.

SueLovesCherries said...

I, too, and a red-cherry-kitchen (and M.E. cherry wallpaper squares)-eBay loving gal! You've done a great job!
Anonymous - be patient - you can find cherry stuff everywhere! Just keep your eyes open and tell people that you collect cherries. They'll come through for you! And, of course, don't forget eBay!

fredayaninos said...

wow...i love all those thing. Everything is so nice.

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