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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Before & After

Here is the shot of AFTER everyone dug into the Thanksgiving feast which is also the shot of BEFORE the kitchen got cleaned up.

And here is the shot of AFTER the kitchen got cleaned up.

The feast was nice. We ate at 2:00pm so that my oldest daughter would able to join us before she had to leave for her afternoon shift at the hospital. Our granddaughter was here for for most of the day. All three of the kids said thanks for the meal, each in their own way.

We watched the football game and my husband even looked like he wanted to take a nap for a little while (If only I'd let him, he said... LOL).

We ran into a small snag when the grandbaby came running down the stairs yelling "poop" over and over again.

Since I was cleaning the kitchen, Grandpa was left to attend to this "poop" matter. He was handling it quite well until he said

"Honey, come here."

I dried my hands on the dish towel and proceeded to the bathroom. There the two of them stood peering into the toilette.

"She dropped her little hair clippy thingy in there" he said.

The toilette hadn't been flushed since the .... shhhhh poop.

"Well, what'd you call me for? I don't want to see it." I said.

"Well, what should I do?" he asked.

I said "What would you like to do? Either fish it out or flush it down."

"Fish or flush, fool!"

He chose to flush it. (I hope we don't have to disclose that to the next homeowners of this house, LOL)

So all in all, it was just like a real Thanksgiving Day, which was our point.

Mission accomplished

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

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