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I am a 44 year old mother of three children and grandmother of one. I am divorced from my children's father whom I share joint physical custody of our youngest two children with. I have been married to my fabulous husband for over 9 near-perfect years. I LOVE this man! He is a wonderful generous, affectionate, tolerant and all forgiving husband. He is also a terrific step-dad/male role model to my kids and an even better grand father to our two year old grand daughter. My oldest daughter attends college to obtain her nursing degree. She has been on her own for over three years now (no longer part of a shared custody arrangement like her brother & sister) My middle daughter is in high school and plays on the freshmen volleyball & soccer teams. She's really creative and talented. My son is in middle school and plays hockey and lacrosse. He is a sweet sensitive boy who still says "I love you Mom" frequently. I work part time running an online ebay store. I have terrific and supportive relationships with my family, friends and of course my kids. I am extremely close to my sister, my Mom and my sister-in-laws. They are my best friends.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Scary Donation

My husband took Friday off, which was really great. He helped me get the grocery shopping done for the following week. He filled my car up with gas and was nice enough to accomplish a couple other "assignments" that I needed done around the house.

The last few bags of donations from my massive clean-out were placed in my car trunk on Friday with the intention of dropping them off at the local Good Will before picking the kids up from school.

Well... time ran out and we didn't get a chance to deliver the bags on Friday like planned.

On Saturday evening, my son and I were preparing baked french toast for Sunday's breakfast when I realized that the 24 pack of eggs that my hubby and I bought on our Friday grocery run had NOT made their way into our cart or car .... grrrrrrrrrrr

So my son and I decided to run up to the local store to get MORE eggs. As I parked the car and turned off the radio, we heard this faint noise from within the car. It was kinda muffled. It was a deep voice. It was groaning and grumbling. It was a scary sounding.

My son slowly turned his head towards me in the driver seat with a look of sheer terror on his face. His eyes were really wide; His body movements were delayed as he strained to listen "where" the horrible sounds were coming from. He whispered... "Mom... what in the heck is that??"

I immediately recognized it as the talking Morphman monster that my son had decided he no longer wanted two weeks ago when we sorted out his room.

Apparently something was pressing up against it, making it talk. It was only in the silence that it could actually be heard. That toy always sounded as if there were a murder taking place so I was glad to be rid of it.

I was cracking up so hard once he realized what it was. And then he laughed too, although he admitted he was "REALLY freaked out" for a bit.

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